Lord of the Rings: The Felllowship of the Ring

November 24th, 2002  |  Published in Uncategorized

This movie can’t go to 11 yet, because we have two more installments to go. It gets a four, though, because director Peter Jackson, confronted with the hopelessness of his task, went for it anyhow. Holy cow. It succeeds not just because it’s exceptionally well-crafted, but because Jackson understands Tolkien in a way that allows him to drill down to the essence of the source material, which liberated him to make some hard decisions about what to cut or consolidate.

Watched the extended DVD release to jot this down. The viewing party didn’t reach consensus on all of the additions, but did walk away much more pleased with added exposition and Hobbit scenes. The additional material is not merely the normal “deleted scenes,” but scores of small edits that went toward refining the movie. Probably more of a treat for fans in general, a win for enthusiasts on balance, and wise cut choices for the general theater audiences in the end.

Hugo Weaving remains unable to transcend Agent Smith for most, which is a pity because I sort of like his Elrond with the exception of his “delighted bafflement” scene with some Hobbits.

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